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We love data analysis and visualization!

Vision: To provide the highest quality data analytics training programs throughout Sub-Saharan Africa
Mission: To be the preferred provider of data analytics training in Sub-Saharan Africa
Overview: FFour Ltd (hereafter F4) is a Nairobi-based consultancy that provides clients with a collection data analytics training programs. Our main goal at F4 is working with teams within organizations to enhance their capacity to use the data that they collect to make decisions that better meet their objectives. This is made possible through F4’s comprehensive and tailor-made training programs that are based on the latest techniques and technologies in the field of analytics.

We take organizational data and turn it into something valuable.

Given that technology is always changing, we place emphasis on continuous research so that we are constantly working to include activities and exercises in our programs that can solve emerging problems facing organizations today. While maintain high standards of confidentiality, we also work closely with our clients and their data to ensure that the training is as relevant as possible because while problems can be similar, no two clients are the same.

We pride ourselves with this point of difference: We care.